How this treatment works

I have been carrying out this treatment for over twenty years so you can be assured you are in good hands. Treatment will be by Diathermy (heat) or Cryotherapy (cold) by the medically certified device FreezPen. Both methods are clinically proven and equally efficient and work by safely destroying the targeted tissue causing its removal. I will recommend a specific modality after the consultation and lesion analysis and also advise as to whether I think one treatment will be enough or if a short course of treatments will be needed.

What can be Treated:

• Age Spots or Brown Spots on the face, hands and body
• Skin Tags very common lesions for both men and women found under arms, under bra straps and around collar lines.
• Sebaceous hyperplasia, small raised 'yellowish' lesions common to oily skin types or those skin's that were more oily in the past.
• Seborrhoeic keratosis, common sun related lesions that have a raised rough appearance
• Milia commonly known as white spots more prevalent on drier skin types and around the eyes.
• Blood spots or 'cherries', small age related lesions found mostly on the neck, chest and body
• Spider veins and broken red veins on the face very commonly found on more delicate skin types. This treatment is not suitable for broken veins on legs.
• Warts & Verruccas - Note- no guarantees can be given for success, due to the viral nature of these conditions.

Treatment sensations:

With both modalities there will of course be some sensation. Treatment may at times feel a little sharp, warm or like a small sting. Please be assured however that these sensations are normal but very transient and short lived making treatment very tolerable to have. I will at all times be working to ensure your maximum comfort.

Treatment reactions & healing:

Initial healing is quick and with the removal of many lesions the skin returns to normal after a few days however full healing may take up to 6 weeks. In most cases, once the skin has fully healed there will be very little sign, if any at all, of where the lesion was. I will of course explain fully at the consultation how this treatment will affect you specifically.

FREE CONSULTATION & Treatment From £85.00

Price includes take home support product. At consultation I will be able to be specific In relation to your needs and the full costs involved.

Please note though one treatment is often sufficient.

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