Sophisticated, versatile cosmeceutical peels to suit all skin types and preferences. Skin resurfacing peels provide one of the best ways to improve skin condition or keep your skin looking at it’s best.

How does treatment work

Treatment acts to increase the rate at which dead and dull skin cells are released from the surface of the skin, so softening, smoothing and clearing. It will also stimulate the regeneration of deeper skin tissues to give a more youthful skin that is stronger, firmer, denser, clearer, brighter and lighter with healthier function.

The effects and benefits of a resurfacing peel treatment

• Age management & the reduction of fine lines & wrinkles, tightening of loose lax skin and refinement of open pores
• Pigmentation control for the fading of pigmentation patches
• Acne management - Control breakouts and reduce scarring
• Redness and reactivity control, including Rosacea issues for calming & strengthening the skin
• Dull lifeless dry skin- Make the skin brighter & more luminous
• More oily, congested and blemish prone skin. Clear the skin and control breakouts & shine
• Pre-party or special occasion for a perfect general 'pep-up' treatment to give you softer, smoother, brighter & healthier looking skin.

Treatment sensations & reactions

There is a mis-conception that skin peels are not nice to have, that they are very uncomfortable, will make your 'skin fall off', and after treatment the skin needs a long time to recover, these ideas are really are not true.

The treatments I offer utilise highly effective peel product ranges and support products, all of which are designed to be 'results-driven' without being aggressive in nature. I will also more usually recommend a gentle and progressive approach to treatment, regardless of the end goal. Your treatment may produce no sensations at all or it may give you feelings likened to a 'slight tingling, itching or warm to hot feeling', all of which only last for a few minutes. Also during treatment I will be paying particular attention to how you respond to ensure comfort and the very best results.

I can of course select formulations that will be more 'feisty' and will lead to greater amounts of skin shedding with longer recovery time, and sometimes you may want this type of treatment and I may recommend this approach, however it is not a pre-requisite requirement. Effective peels do not have to be uncomfortable.

At Consultation...

I will advise the most effective treatment plan for you. It will not only detail the treatment approach but also costs, and where relevant product recommendations and important lifestyle advise. It is always important to treat the skin respectfully both before and after treatment, so it will be necessary for you to have some specific pre-treatment products that will help to ensure you get the best results. I will also make suggestions for improvements to your home skin care routine where appropriate.

FREE CONSULATION & All prices INCLUDE pre and post treatment products.

Multiple treatments of 3-6, discounts will be available.

• Phformula Summer radiance treatment - £95.00
• Phformula Level 1 ,2 & 3 Advanced Age, Pigmentation, Redness or Acne treatments - £95.00 (single layer), £110 (double layer) £120.00 (triple layer)
• TCA Touch - £95.00
• Cosmedix Blueberry Smoothie and Benefit peel - £95.00

Note - I understand the importance of daily skin regimes and will let you know if I feel that you may benefit from the purchase of additional skin care items. I have a number of ranges I can look to and will always be able to recommend something suitable. In some instances I may want you to use a few products prior to your treatment to ensure the best results.

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