SkinPen Precision The only FDA & Class 1 CE device on the market making it the safest and most effective micro-needling devise on the market and I am the lead national trainer and an expert practitioner. It is the only devise with FDA certification and a medical class 1 CE mark in the UK, essential for assuring your safety and maximising results. It really is in a class of it’s own. It is not the cheapest microneedling treatment on the market and I am not the cheapest practitioner you could go to, but this devise really is the best and I have the expertise to get you the best results.

How SkinPen Precision works ?

Minute micro-channels are created at the surface of the skin for the purpose of harnessing the body’s natural ability to regenerate and repair. This action initiates the release of natural growth factors that stimulate the fibroblast cells to produce more collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans,that together keep the skin youthful, strong and functioning healthily. One of treatment can be very beneficial but courses may usually be recommended particularly for acne scarring and ageing issues.

Who can benefit from SkinPen Precision?

This treatment can be given to anyone even the most sensitive skins and all skins of colour.

• For Age Management To help reduce scarring from past issues and to help lessen current breakouts, clear congestion in pores and improve skin texture.
• For the management of Milder Acne conditions and the reduction of acne scarring and for those with a tendency for milder breakouts and congestion.
• For the control of redness and reduction of sensitivity and reactivity. Milder Rosacea conditions can also be improved.
• For pigmentation control reducing the visibility of darker patches.
• To keep the skin youthful and in ‘tip top’ condition maximising healthy cell function and cell turnover.

Add a mesotherapy nutrition cocktail to your treatment to give the skin an extra bespoke treat.

Treatment Sensations

Treatment is given after the application of a numbing cream however the design of the SkinPen Precision device makes treatment very easy to tolerate. You may feel a little prickliness in more sensitive areas and in line with the treatment parameter selected. This device allows me to tailor the treatment specifically to the needs of all areas of the face and I will be altering the depth at which I work to give you the best treatment possible.

Treatment reactions

At treatment I will be aiming to stimulate the healing response so the skin will ideally show some redness, feel tight and sometimes a little tender, but be assured these sensations begin to subside quickly and usually disappears within 48 hours. This treatment does not reduce the ability of your skin to perform it’s protective function and it will return fully to normal very quickly.

At consultation...

I will advise the most effective treatment plan for you. It will not only detail the treatment approach but also costs, and where relevant product recommendations and important lifestyle advise. It is always important to treat the skin respectfully both before and after treatment, so it will be necessary for you to have some specific pre-treatment products that will help to ensure you get the best results. I will also make suggestions for improvements to your home skin care routine where appropriate.

FREE CONSULTATION & Price includes Post Treatment support products.

When booking multiple treatments of 3-6, discounts will be available.

• Face & upper neck - £250.00
• Neck and Décolleté - £180.00
• Hands - £160.00
• Scars – Price at consultation

Note - I understand the importance of daily skin regimes and will let you know if I feel that you may benefit from the purchase of additional skin care items. I have a number of ranges I can look to and will always be able to recommend something suitable.

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